Here are a few quick tips on how to get the most out of your Deluxe Ice Ball Maker Set:

ice ball hands 1 274x300 Instructions1) Once you receive your package, your ice ball makers should be inside of a plastic wrapper in a black box. Please check to make sure you have TWO ice makers. Each ice maker has two silicone pieces – a bottom piece with a flat bottom, and a top piece with a hole for filling the ice maker. If for some reason you are missing anything, please email us immediately so that we can get you everything you’re missing.

2) The instructions for use are on the outside of the box. Before use, first wash the ice makers with warm soapy water and dry. Next, snap the top piece (the one with the hole) onto the bottom piece. Use a cup to pour water into the top hole.

3) IMPORTANT: remember to leave empty space at the top when filling because ice expands!

4) Chill in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours.

5) To remove the ice ball, pop off the top piece and then push slighly on the bottom piece (or pull it away from the ice) to pop the ice ball out.

ice ball instructions 1 300x158 InstructionsFrequently Asked Questions

Also… here are a few Frequently Asked Questions which you might find helpful:

Q: How do I make ice?

A: OK, this question sounds a bit obvious, but we have found there is a “best way”.

- Attach the two pieces of each ice maker together FIRST, before adding water
- Carefully pour water into the top hole (use a cup) and leave an empty space of about 1 centimeter all around the hole. The empty space needed because ICE EXPANDS.
- Chill the ice makers in your freezer for several hours. If you want them SOLID all the way through, allow about 3 to 4 hours. You could also chill for less time if you want to leave a liquid center.

Q: How do I remove the ice from the ice ball maker?

A: To remove the ice, you first remove the top piece (the part with the hole). Then, gently squeeze or push up from the bottom piece until the ice loosens. You can also try pulling the mold away from the ice. IMPORTANT: When removing the ice, be careful when putting it into a glass container so that the glass does not crack! Instead, remove the ice onto the top piece of the ice ball mold or into your hand, and then gently transfer the ice to your glass.

Q: What color should I paint my ice makers?

A: This may be obvious too, but please don’t paint or draw on them! And in all seriousness, please don’t use anything toxic on or inside your ice makers.

Q: Why is the hole on top so small?

A: There is a reason for this – if the hole were too big, you wouldn’t get ice spheres… instead the ice balls would have flat tops (and look a little like “Star Wars Death Stars” instead icon wink Instructions Actually, we tried to balance making them big enough to pour liquid into, but small enough to make round balls.

Q: What should I do if I have problems with my ice ball makers?

A: Please contact us FIRST before leaving a review. Your ice ball makers are covered by a lifetime replacement warranty, and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Q: Can I use any liquid?

A: Yes, you can use anything that is non-toxic (see question above) will work! You can use water, juice, wine, whiskey, beer, etc. You might also try making jello balls (frozen jello shots, anyone?), margarita balls… hey, let your imagination go wild! (Let us know if you come up with something really original!)

Q: I love my ice ball makers! How do I leave a review for this product?

A: If our product has met or exceeded your expectations, please leave a review.